WIN a copy of ‘Memorial’ by Plesiosaur~

Competition is now ended!

You can listen to the album here and purchase as download or CD.

The CD comes shrink wrapped in a limited edition hand-printed ‘digifile’ cover in random colours.

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7 Responses to WIN a copy of ‘Memorial’ by Plesiosaur~

  1. James Howard says:

    “Memorial” is the best album that I have ever listened to while boxing-up the contents of a garage. It is also worthy of many less-specific accolades!

  2. admin says:

    He, he, he….;), thanks James.

  3. matt catling says:

    it’s really atmospheric soundscaping post-rock and progressive rock elements with of a darker and harsh edge to the album.

  4. colonel XS says:

    must win: this computer o’mine doesn’t open the link!!!!

  5. Ben Smith says:

    I listened to one of the tracks and really liked it; but since then I’ve forgotten how I found the track to listen to ! A copy of the CD would also be the first physical music media I’ve had since the last Kate Bush album.

  6. Alain Chevallier says:

    I’m one of them!

  7. Airship Charlie Lee-Gee says:

    “Ooooooooh,” said LeeGee at Gmail dot com….