Plesiosaur~ has been part of the following bands/projects in recent years.

The Chrysanthemums

Played drums on studio recording with Martin Howells (bass), Terry Burrows (guitar, vocals), Alan Jenkins (guitar, vocals), Jonathan Lemon (keyboards). Provided moral support over the years.

Vladimir Zajkowiecz

Helped Vladimir produce his album The Jez-U-Like. Lots of drum programming and general fiddling about.

The Aspergillum

Currently plays drums, guitar and devices in this post prog rock prog rock trio consisting of Terry Burrows, Martin Howells and Steven Elsey.

Jon Goddard

Providing acoustic and electronic drums and percussion, guitar soundscapes, bass and laptop loops etc. for two concerts (2005 & 2006) given at The Cut in Halesworth, Suffolk. Line-ups included Jon Goddard (guitars, laptop), Grinder (bass) and Roger Eno (piano, accordion, cornet). Also, one concert at Butley Priory in 2008 (Jon Goddard and Steven Elsey).


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