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Tonesucker Release CD Album on 23rd March

Tonesucker’s sixth release, a CD album, Omnia Convivia Crastina (Onoma11), is released by Onoma Research on 23rd March. Available from iTunes, CD Baby or order now from the Onoma Bandcamp site –

Fourfins Bandcamp Site Works

The fourfins Bandcamp site is up and running – Currently featuring 3, 20 minute tracks by plesiosaur~.

Dutch Mini Tour

Tonesucker played 2 gigs in The Netherlands over the course of a the weekend in December. Friday the 9th December in Rotterdam and Saturday 10th December in Amsterdam.

Tracks from Chronophonics One aired on ICR

The Gaia-bot show on ICR (Ipswich Community Radio) played tracks from the recent Chronophonics compilation including ‘slow manual fade to black’ (excerpt) by plesiosaur~ this afternoon.