projects – progressive and experimental post rock, art rock, ambient drone and noise

as The Mortise of Thililua

Released in May 2017.

This album is more than a reimagining of Harvest, Neil Young’s seminal 1972 recording. It might be better described, perhaps, as a work of deconstruction. Adopting a set of simple compositional rules, elements of the original music and lyrical fragments were used to provide a starting point for something altogether different – something ultimately new and unrecognisable from its source.

Harvest by The Mortise of Thililua was conceived and performed by Steven Elsey in Shotley Gate, Suffolk, during the first half of 2016.

as plesiosaur~

plesiosaur~ has released 2 albums, ‘Memorial’ in 2013 (reviewed here) and ‘Falling’ in 2015 (reviewed here). They are available to listen to and buy from the Onoma Research shop embedded in this site here.

Plesiousaur~ is on Spotify…

noise and drone…

The stripping away of more complex musical structures allows for layered soundscapes with highly textured fuzz, drones, noise, mangled external audio, abused guitars and pulses. Wrap this around a core concept and the result is the current MO for plesiosaur’s~ experimental ambient drone and noise compositions.

Improvisation and widely varying instrumentation play their part. Electric double bass, loopers, iphone, ipod, homemade/circuit bent electronics, guitars, laptop, acoustic and electronic percussion in different combinations.

Each piece is designed to be played as a live performance. Stereo recordings are made in the studio with minimal overdubs or editing.


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