video artworks


‘Slow manual fade to black’ is an experimental cinema presentation by plesiosaur~ produced for the live event Chronophonics One on 27th October 2011.

The piece explores replacing the common automated digital effect used in video production with an analogue or manual process. With an experimental drone/noise soundtrack composed to compliment the stark imagery plesiosaur~ plans to perform the piece at future live events.


The audio by Tonesucker was recorded at Knowledge Of The Hidden, the Barbican Centre, London, July 3, 2010.

The film, by plesiosaur~, was originally intended as the back projection for the performance. Due to technical reasons it was not used. This version of the film was mixed live to the audio track.

The track appears on the Tonesucker album ‘Omnia Convivia Crastina’. Available as a CD from Onoma and other outlets or as a download from iTunes, CD Baby and the Onoma Bandcamp site.

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