New video artwork released by plesiosaur~

This article was published on: August 23rd, 2012

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Following the death of my father in 2011 and subsequent discussions about his life with other family members, it became apparent that we shared many common memories of our lives with him. These recollections have subtle variations as we experience even the most vivid memories from our own perspective.

Expanding this idea to a more general theme, I walk regularly past a number of benches, placed strategically facing interesting views. They are all dedicated to deceased relatives or residents of the area, who, I can only assume would have appreciated the views presented to them from their memorial bench.

This video takes 5, 2 minute clips from the one of these benches, taken at random times of day with random camera angles. The 5 clips have been edited and processed to represent a lo-fi memory bank taken from that particular bench and are combined with a soundtrack composed using field recordings from the bench, drones, noise and processed guitar.