Industrial Poppies by The Loch Ness Monster digitised

This article was published on: May 2nd, 2017

Industrial Poppies by The Loch Ness Monster was first released in the mid 1980s on the Hamster Records label. Onoma Research have now digitised the original masters and re-released the material. See:-

Some release notes from Terry Burrows: “ONOMA/TWO11 is a reissue of the Hamster Records debut LP by the Loch Ness Monster, who were a pair of design students at Ipswich School of Art in the mid-1980s. Industrial Poppies was recorded by Steven Plesiosaur and Nils Plamethrowar on a four-track Portastudio which I then “produced” in my bedroom studio. (Although, in truth, Steve’s pre-production mixing really did most of the work.) Nils and I did the mastering cut for the album with the legendary George “Porky Prime Cut” Peckham in a tiny mews studio in Fitzrovia, just around the corner from the BBC. George had worked for the Beatles at Apple Records and had lots of interesting stories. And a lot of strange scouse expressions – I remember him once telling us he was “just nipping out for a banjo burstee” when he went to the toilet. On this occasion, while we there, Noddy Holder from Slade walked in and George shouted out: “Eh, Nod, these kids have made a bloody good album just with a cassette!” And Nod… er… nodded at us with interest. After we’d finished, George took us over the pub and we met Noddy again very briefly. That was quite exciting. I believe the hand-made album sleeve was silk-screened by one of their art school tutors. The release was given a good write-up in Sounds and a few other magazines, was played by John Peel, and the pressing sold out quite quickly – within a month or so. Unfortunately, being the world’s most useless record label, instead of repressing the album I told them to go and make another one – and then I pressed up far too many copies of that and lost a load of money. That was Mosaic 44.”


released May 1, 2017

All material created and executed by Nils Phlamethrowar and Steven Plessiosaur. Serpent saxophones by Terry Burrows.

Produced by Terry Burrows; pre-production by Steven Plessiosaur.

Sleeve design by Rob Crabtree.