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The album 'Harvest' is now available on Onoma/Two

The album ‘Harvest’ is now available to buy as digital download on the Onoma Research Bandcamp site. The sleeve notes are as follows:- This album is more than a reimagining of Harvest, Neil Young’s seminal 1972 recording. It might be better described, perhaps, as a work of deconstruction. Adopting a set of simple compositional […]

Industrial Poppies by The Loch Ness Monster digitised

Industrial Poppies by The Loch Ness Monster was first released in the mid 1980s on the Hamster Records label. Onoma Research have now digitised the original masters and re-released the material. See:- Some release notes from Terry Burrows: “ONOMA/TWO11 is a reissue of the Hamster Records debut LP by the Loch Ness Monster, who […]

All tracks from 'Harvest' now available

The whole album, ‘Harvest’, by The Mortise of Thililua is now available to listen to here. It will be released on CD in the next few months. Harvest by The Mortise of Thililua

The Mortise of Thililua Project

New material released for the project The Mortise of Thililiua. 4 Tracks have been made available on Soundcloud. The work is a re-imagining of the 70s classic album ‘Harvest’ by Neil Young, following a few rules of composition. Release planned in 2016. Hear the excerpt here:

Lots happening as we approach 2016

Tonesucker will be playing in Ipswich on the 27th December as part of an all day festival. See here for details: Terry Burrows has produced a lovely film to accompany the performance later this month. Watch it here… Steve is currently recording drum parts for a forthcoming Chrysanthemums release. 2016 sees the start of a new project […]

New Album Released

The new plesiosaur~ album, ‘Falling’ is now available as a ‘pay what you like’ download or limited edition CD from the Onoma Research website. Hope you enjoy the droney, metally, proginess!  

REVIEW of 'Memorial' by Richard Allen of A Closer Listen

REVIEW: Memorial may come as a surprise to Tonesucker fans, since Steven Elsey’s solo effort is more expansive than abrasive. The album, comprised of three extended tracks, is an homage to Steven’s father. These tracks collect improvisations recorded over an 18-month period, and reflect the state of hearts in grief. The track titles may refer to the period of intense mourning, but the full album tackles a much longer period.