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Memorial Released Today

‘Memorial’ by pleasiosaur~ is now available to buy from the Onoma Research Website as a download or CD (which includes downloads as well). It will also be available on iTunes and Spotify soon.

Tonesucker to play Switch Fringe & Freakscene alldayer

Tonesucker are to play the Switch Fringe & Freakscene all-dayer featuring The Telescopes on Sunday 30th June. The event features a dozen acts from London and East Anglia. Come and be amazed. Details are here:

So Beautiful! Extreme Music festival appearance

Steve Elsey, John Bowers and Terry Brrows will be appearing as part of the ‘The Wand Erection Allstars’ at the So Beautiful! Extreme Music festival, part of the Switch Fringe Festival in Ipswich

88vier Radio in Berlin to air Tonesucker's new album

Tonesucker’s new album Sub Rosa will be premiered in full on 88vier Radio in Berlin in the early hours of Wednesday 23rd January 2013. The album will be available as a free digital download via Fibrr Records.